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Circle L Wagyu Ranch

Carroll Lewis | Waxahachie, TX

About Circle L Wagyu

On his family farm in Waxahachie, Texas near Dallas, Carroll Lewis raises 100% genetically pure “fullblood” Wagyu Japanese cattle. The herd spends their entire lives on the Texas farm, with plenty of room to roam on the 700 acres. (Most cows in America are shipped off to a feedlot when they’re calves -- these guys live their whole lives on the same farm where they were born.) Raised on pasture and finished for 500+ days on a nutrient-rich blend of grains, Texas hays, and cacao for a smooth finish, Carroll’s fullblood Wagyu produce spectacularly marbled meat with a deep beefy flavor.

Carroll, a former pilot, fell in love with the taste of Wagyu on a trip abroad many years ago. In 2005 he decided to tap into his family’s 150 years of Texas farming roots and start a fullblood Wagyu ranch. Since then, he’s been increasingly prioritizing sustainable land management practices, learning and testing how to best maintain his land for future use. Carroll employs cover cropping to enrich the Texas soils with nutrients and naturally fixed nitrogen, and is in the middle of a seven-year project to convert his remaining croplands to holistic management and mob-grazing. No herbicides, pesticides, growth hormones, implants, or unnecessary antibiotics are ever used at Circle L.

We’re really excited to be working with Circle L Wagyu -- they are our first partner ranch in Texas and produce some of the best-marbled meat in America, with the highest standards for animal welfare.

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