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Gypsum Valley Wagyu

In the fertile lands of the Gypsum Valley outside Salina, Kansas, brothers Jack and Jerry Cossette are raising Purebred Wagyu that's deliciously earthy-flavored, beefy and astonishingly marbled. The Cossette family has been raising Angus cattle since the ‘80s, but it wasn’t until 2008 that they switched to raising the Japanese Wagyu breed.
As Jack tells it, they were on vacation in Washington D.C. when they saw the exotic steak (sold by the ounce!) listed on a restaurant menu. Since beef is their business, they couldn't not try it -- so they ordered it for dinner. From the first bite of Wagyu in the D.C. restaurant, he knew it was something special, something delicious -- something he wanted his family to raise themselves.

Gypsum Valley Brothers

Raising Wagyu on Pastures

But Jack and Jerry weren’t going to do Wagyu exactly how it’s done in Japan. They wanted to raise Purebred Wagyu in a way that allowed the animals to be outside on pasture, and that made sense for the Kansas environment. “We went no-till early on,” Jack explains, referring to a progressive farming practice where you never plow the soil, “because when you plow fields you lose moisture. We raise all our alfalfa, corn, oats, sorghum, and soybeans that way.”

Jerry and Jack also rotate cover crops into the mix of roughage and grains that their Wagyu herd snacks on, because that allows their farm to sequester additional carbon and retain healthy, moist soil even in dry years.

Gypsum Valley Wagyu

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