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Hutterian Wagyu Farm

Ed Gross | Reardan, WA

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The Hutterites you know and love just started raising Wagyu

If you follow Crowd Cow, you know we’ve been working with the Hutterites for a long time. A self-sufficient Anabaptist farming community in Eastern Washington, the Spokane Hutterian Brethren are highly skilled farmers focused on preserving traditional practices of raising cattle and crops.

For years, Ed Gross, the lead cattleman at Hutterian Farm, has raised Angus cows. (It’s what he learned at his uncle’s knee as a boy when he was being taught the ins and outs of cattle.) Hutterian Angus beef has gained a reputation for having an extremely refined, mellow flavor -- it’s one of our most popular farms and the Hutterites’ skill shines through in every bite of steak.

But for the past few years, Ed has been studying Wagyu, the Japanese breed famous for unearthly levels of filigreed marbling, becoming more and more intrigued. He decided it was time to apply the Hutterites’ famed cattle-raising skill to a micro-batch experiment: Hutterite-raised Purebred Wagyu. One cow.

We’re honored to be offering Ed’s grain-finished Purebred Wagyu, free of growth hormones and unnecessary antibiotics, and boasting the beautific, show-stopping marbling that comes from a combination of Japanese breed genetics, a homegrown grain finish, and the calm conditions on the Hutterites’ community-run farm.

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