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George Neffner | Bothell, WA

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Magnolia Cattle Company

The Magnolia Cattle Company raises 100% pure ("Fullblood") Wagyu cattle on an elegant ranch overlooking Lake Washington in Bothell, WA. They strive to get as close to the true Japanese Kobe Beef experience as you can outside of Japan. Every animal is born and raised entirely on the farm, and each carries 100% Wagyu DNA traceable to Japan. No cross-breeding at all.

They are raised humanely without hormones or growth-stimulating antibiotics. It’s a tiny herd, only around a dozen animals are sold each year, and each one is coddled and pampered to produce the best possible beef. Individually monitored, their diet is as meticulously managed as their genetics.

Fullblood Wagyu is almost impossible to obtain, and is usually only used for breeding. You can’t buy it in any retail outlets, and it’s only very rarely featured at some of Seattle’s finest restaurants. We’re proud to offer Magnolia Cattle Company’s exquisite Fullblood Wagyu here on Crowd Cow.

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