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Modeled on Japanese Tradition

Since 1988, Masami Cattle Ranch has been raising American Wagyu cattle on the rolling foothills of Northern California — a sweeping 6,500 acres. Ranchers on horseback keep close eye on the free-range cattle, caring for the herd from birth on open pastures. Masami Cattle Ranch uses the same practices and feed recipes of traditional Wagyu farming in Japan, resulting in ultra-tender beef complete with a velvety texture and rich, buttery taste.

Stress-Free & Healthy Herds

Masami takes pride in their animals and ensures their herd remains stress-free, happy and healthy. Cattle enjoy cooling off in the Elder Creek, a tributary of the Sacramento River, and have plenty of room to roam and grow strong from the natural grasses on pasture. Masami’s herd is never given antibiotics or growth hormones, and develop at their own pace with outstanding care and attention.

The Details Make the Difference

In addition to the lush green grasses on the ranch, Masami cattle benefit from a precise balance of homegrown hay, rice straw, alfalfa, corn, barley, almond hull and other grains to help the herd develop the fine marbling associated with wagyu. This precise diet combined with the careful breeding program Masami operates is what sets their Wagyu apart and makes it some of the finest beef in the country — it’s an exceptional culinary exerience you can count on.

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