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Grazing on family farms throughout the Pacific Northwest and fed on a 100% vegetarian diet of locally-grown alfalfa, hay, barley and corn, cattle of Painted Hills Natural enjoy a relaxed, stress-free environment — the way nature intended. Following a “never ever” program is integral to Painted Hill’s core values, so their herds are never given antibiotics or hormones and develop at their own pace. It’s the “old-fashioned way,” as Will Homer describes it — and the same way they’ve done it since being founded in the mid-1990s — but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Painted Hills - Cows Grazing

The Way Beef Is Supposed to Taste

Painted Hills Natural Beef is consistently tender, juicy and with a slightly sweet, buttery flavor, a result of the custom, locally-grown grain blend their cattle are finished on, strong Angus genetics, and simply being antibiotic- and hormone-free. “You draw a customer in by telling them how it’s different, but you keep a customer through the quality and taste,” Will says, and Painted Hills offers some of the best in this arena. Founded by ranchers who know what a good steak tastes like, their beef is proof that taking the time, care and effort to do things right pays off — resulting in a product that offers an exceptional eating experience from start to finish.

Painted Hills - Rancher With Cattle

A Care that Runs Deep

Since 1996, Painted Hills Natural Beef has been owned and operated by seven ranching families, each with their own rich agricultural history but with the core belief that good land stewardship and animal welfare practices are essential to a good product. From maintaining healthy pastures to conserving natural resources, their care runs deep — translating into the safety and natural health of their beef as well as the outstanding quality Painted Hills Natural is known for.

Painted Hill Ranchers

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