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Robbins Island Wagyu

Imagine an island with unencumbered access to pristine beaches and clear rolling waves. Nothing but peace — pure and unadulterated, with some of the cleanest air in the world. Lush native pastures of rye, clover, and cocksfoot sprouting up from dark and sandy soil. Now imagine that island is exclusively for cattle. That's Robbins Island, a small island at the tip of Northwest Tasmania, owned and operated by the Hammond family since 1916. Well, it's not exclusively for cattle since John Hammond and his brother Keith have plans to build the biggest wind farm in the Southern Hemisphere, to generate energy from Tasmania's consistent winds.

Robbins Island

Raised in Tasmania

The island's temperate climate, clean air, and pristine coast are optimal for the herd. The cattle graze on pasture for at least two years before being finished on a grain that incorporates a high ratio of grass fodder and kelp seaweed extract. Kelp supplements in the feed help offset methane excretion from raising beef (another way the Hammonds think about the future)! Renowned for their iconic Ocean Muster, the team at Robbins Island easily moves their cattle through saltwater channels at low tide from one grazing area to another. Just picture it: a herd of Kuroge-washu cattle wading through clear water from one lush grassy spot to another.

Robbins Island

Wagyu Pioneers

Not only are they pioneers in renewable energy, John and Keith were among the first to raise Kuroge-washu cattle in Tasmania in the early 1990s and they aren’t stopping anytime soon. Keith’s son, Alex, has joined the ranks of Hammonds raising delicious Wagyu on this verdant island. As members of the Australian Wagyu Association, the Hammond family knows this beef and how it thrives in their coastal climate. One bite of Robbins Island Wagyu will have you wanting more. Beautifully marbled and decadently tender, followed by a rich umami finish. Juicy and delicious, this beef carries a harmony of flavors from Tasmania to you.

Robbins Island

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