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How to Cook Beef

By Ethan Lowry - Creating a simple, affordable way for everyone to enjoy the quality and variety of independent farms.
How to Cook Beef

Here is a quick run-down of recipes and tips so you can fully enjoy your beef.

Pro Tips

Pro tip 1: Whatever the cut, always let meat rest 10 minutes after cooking before cutting it. The juices settle, the meat tenderizes and finishes cooking.

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Pro tip 2: Don’t thaw your steak before cooking:

Pro tip 3: Try sous-vide! All Crowd Cow meat is shipped in sous-vide ready vacuum sealed packages.

Recipes for Every Cut

Different cuts have very different properties. Some cuts need a longer cooking time or higher heat to bring out their best. Here’s a place to start for each of the different cuts of meat we sent out...

Top Round, Bottom Round, Eye of Round

Sirloin Tip

Top Sirloin

Tri Tip

New York Strip Steak

Bone-in Ribeye

Mock Tender

Flat Iron

Skirt Steak

Chuck Eye
Brisket -

Short Ribs

Hanger Steak

Tenderloin Steak

And for the more adventurous:







Dry Ice

Safety Warning

Your beef comes packaged with dry ice so that it can remain frozen in transit. Dry ice is dangerously cold! Don't touch it with your bare hands.

Please read this article that explains how best to dispose of any remaining dry ice you may find in your package:

If you're adventurous, try your hand at some fun recipes or make some fog to set a special ambiance for your meal.

Carbonated Fruit

Making Ice Cream with Dry Ice

Dry Ice Fog

SHOP: 100% Grass-fed, Grass-finished craft beef

No hormones, no unnecessary antibiotics. Dry-aged beef.


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