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Japanese A5 Shinshu Wagyu Denver Steak (Zabuton Steak)

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Shinshu Wagyu

Cut from the chuck flap, the A5 Shinshu Wagyu Zabuton (Also known as the Denver Steak) is an incredibly tender flavor journey that is beefy but not overwhelming, with notes of apple and melon and a smooth, delicate texture that can only be found from Shinshu Wagyu.

Cooking Instructions
Cooking methods
Wine pairings
Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Pinot Noir
Japanese A5 Wagyu is as much an experinece as it is a meal. To prepare this luxurious ingredient, first allow the meat to rest and come to room temperature before cooking. Lightly season with salt to help bring out the natural umami flavor. Alternatively, you can dip each bit in a fine sea salt of your choice before eating. Heat a smooth-surfaced pan such as a stainless steel pan to medium high heat. Thin slice the A5 Wagy into individual, bite-sized portions. Place each piece on the pan without any cooking oil. A5 Wagyu has enough oil already to cook directly on a naked pan. Sear each size for approximately 2 minutes and remove. We recommend cooking each piece individually to share the exprience with others. To elevate the experinece, try a variety of fine sea salts, a high quality soy sauce or some wasabi. For a decadent expreince, try a bite of A5 Wagyu together with a piece of raw uni or some fine caviar. The interplay of flavors is extraodinary.
Flavor Profile
Japanese A5 Wagyu Denver steak is a luxurious and indulgent experience. The steak is incredibly tender, with a buttery, rich flavor that melts in your mouth. The texture is smooth and velvety, and the overall eating experience is simply unforgettable. Less fatty than other A5 Wagyu cut, but no less luxiourious, so you can indulge more in one sitting.
Chef's Serving Suggestions
When it comes to side dishes to pair with Japanese A5 Wagyu, think leafy greens and robust vegetable flavors. Try serving roasted brussels sprouts, carrots or sauteed spinach. Or how about placing a thin slice of fried garlic or laying out a variety of sea salts, fine soy sauces and even wasabi for dipping, as they do in Japan? Whatever you do, remember: Japanese A5 Wagyu is as much an experience as it is a meal.
Shinshu Wagyu

Smooth and delicate with a subtly-sweet aftertaste, apple-finished Shinshu Wagyu is an A5 variety unlike any other

When you purchase Shinshu Wagyu from Crowd Cow,  you're receiving the highest quality A5 selection in the world. 

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As well as a complete guide on how to enjoy Shinshu Wagyu to the fullest.

Apple-Finished Shinshu Wagyu

Shinshu Wagyu is one of the highest quality and rarest beef in the world. With only 300 head of cattle imported to the United States each year, Shinshu Wagyu is truly a rare treat! The small farm operation raises Tajima Wagyu using a proprietary finishing method incorporating a diet of Nagano apples, which produces an exquisite Wagyu with subtle tasting notes of apple and melon.

From the Heart of the Japanese Alps

Shinshu cattle farmers take exceptional care pay special attention to the well-being of their animals. During the winter, the cattle are dressed in clothes and neck warmers to keep them healthy and content. Thanks to the love and care given by the dedicated small-scale Shinshu cattle farms, the resulting beef is of the highest quality; this Japanese Wagyu is smooth, tender, and has an unparallel melt-in-your-mouth flavor.

Bringing Japanese Wagyu to America

Since 2017, Crowd Cow has brought some of the world's rarest steaks to the US. From Kagoshima to Kobe, our Wagyu beef is sourced directly from Japan's highest quality Wagyu farms. We're proud to not only bring award-winning farms to the US, but also to bring rare Wagyu varieties, like Olive and Shinshu. When you buy Japanese Wagyu from Crowd Cow, you can be 100% sure that the cuts you receive are of the highest quality available - anywhere.

Blog Post: Award-Winning Shinshu Wagyu

We're excited to announce that Crowd Cow is now offering the exquisite and award-winning Shinshu Wagyu (信州和牛) from the beautiful Nagano Prefecture (長野県). This is a beef that's been praised for its exceptional quality, tenderness, and flavor. Click through to learn more about what makes this A5 variety the hidden gem of Nagano Prefecture.