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About Alexandre Family Farms

Blake and Stephanie Alexandre, along with their five children, run the show at Alexandre Family Farms, a multispecies livestock and dairy farm where the redwoods meet the sea in Crescent City, California.

“It’s pretty invaluable to be part of the family farm,” shares Vanessa Alexandre, Blake and Stephanie’s daughter and the family’s resident pork expert. “We each have different passions, interests, and strengths that we bring to the table, but always with shared goals and aspirations. You have to work a little harder each day but it’s fulfilling and purposeful.”

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Heritage Pork

Their Tamworth-Berkshire pastured pork is creamy, nutty, and flavorful, thanks to the care that goes into raising them. Custom finishing on locally sourced, organic milk-soaked grain results in extreme flavors distinct to this family farm.

20 years ago, Blake and Stephanie started the dairy operation to craft the healthiest, best-tasting milk with organic, pasture-raised dairy farming. Their sons, Joseph and Christian, started a small 4-H and FFA project with organic pastured hens that has grown into a flock of 40,000 hens whose eggs serve the entire West Coast.

Alexandre Farms - Farmer in Action


In 2005, Vanessa began raising purebred Tamworth sows and providing pastured pork in the family’s farm store. Knowing that the family could raise fantastic heritage pork led to the continued development of their pasture-raised hogs. Now, the Alexandre family has 15 organic sows to grow their herd year over year with heritage-breed genetics from Tamworth, Berkshire, and purebred Mangalitsa pigs.

The Alexandre hogs root around in permanent pastures with lush grasses year-round. They graze through paddocks and enjoy mud baths in their pastures. To bring the farm full-circle, the hogs enjoy a diet of excess cracked eggs from the pastured hens and an organic grain from a nearby mill, soaked in milk from the Alexandre family’s dairy operation.

Alexandre Hogs

Certified Organic and Humane

From organic dairy farming to pastured pork, the Alexandre family does it all — together as a family. Their hard work cultivating a complex nutrient cycle on open pastures results in deliciousness at every turn. Milk, eggs, beef, pork, you name it and they’ve got it!

And that’s just part of the process. The Alexandre family is committed to the land they’re on, building new wetlands and providing riparian areas for natural wildlife to thrive. In addition to over 300 migratory birds that flourish on their farm, a herd of 250 Roosevelt elk moved onto their healthy soils and lush pastures. It’s no wonder that even wildlife wants to live on a farm that’s certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), and American Humane Certified!

Alexandre Family Farms - Cows & Chickens


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