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Superior Genetics, Superior Flavor

Known for its exceptional marbling and, in turn, incredible juiciness and robust flavor, Duroc pork is always a favorite among chefs and meat aficionados alike. This isn’t “the other white meat” — Duroc pork has a beautiful reddish-pink hue and fine-grained, intramuscular fat that locks in moisture and brings out rich complexities unlike the commodity-raised pork you’ll find at the grocery store. Its superior taste and texture are a direct result of the heritage breed genetics, so whether you’re enjoying sweet and smoky BBQ ribs or a classically carved tenderloin, you’re guaranteed an elevated experience and can taste the difference from start to finish.

Meyer's Duroc Pork Chops

Supporting Family Farmers

Meyer Natural has long been supporting independent family farmers who have rich histories of excellence. These family farms have lasted through the generations simply by doing things the right way without any compromises. Meyer Natural only works with farmers that practice their high standards but trusts them as the experts that they are. This is better for the farmers and the animals; farmers maintain control of their livestock, operations and independence, and their hogs receive consistent, humane and high-quality care for their entire lives. These premium standards translate to a more premium product — their pork is always juicy, tender and full of mouth-watering flavor.

Healthy & Stress-Free

All Meyer Natural Duroc hogs are born and raised, farrow to finish, on independent family farms throughout the Midwest — minimizing stress and allowing them to grow healthy and strong naturally. Their pigs enjoy a nutrient-rich mix of corn and soybean — a high-protein, vegetarian diet that helps them build the fine-grained marbling they’re known for — and are raised completely crate-free. This means they develop at their own pace, always without any added growth hormones or antibiotics, and ultimately ensures a more wholesome, all natural and delicious product for your table.

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