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Heritage Pork from Eastern Washington

Despite the belief that the ‘scablands’ of eastern Washington are not suitable to farming, Jill and Paul Knittel of Scabland Farms raise heritage-breed Large Black hogs on their land in Eastern Washington. Their rich and savory pork is proudly featured at Seattle-based restaurants like Ethan Stowell’s Tavolàta and prestigous hotels such as the Fairmont Olympic.

Focused & Natural and Sustainable Farming Methods

Despite the ‘scablands’ name, the Knittels have 80 acres of open pasture for the herd so the hogs can graze on native grasses and forage in volcanic bedrock. In addition to forage, the hogs also enjoy locally milled peas and barley.

The Knittels focus on natural and sustainable farming methods, which shines through in their meat. The extra fat on the Large Black hogs provides a flavor and richness as strong as the sun. These hogs live natural, healthy lives and it shows in their complex and savory meat.

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