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Pasture Raised

Gift our all-time favorites in our Signature Crowd Cow gift box. Handsomely presented steak boxes make an ideal gift package for steak lovers and grill lovers alike. These are the perfect gift for family, friends and co-workers for anytime of the year.

Each package comes in a premium gift box with beef sourced from our featured farm Frigorifico Pando Pasture-Raised Beef.

2 - Pasture-Raised Filet Mignon Steak 8oz

2 - Pasture-Raised Ribeye Steak 16oz

2 - Pasture-Raised NY Strip Steak 12oz

1 - Roasted Garlic & Herb Butter 3oz

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Frigorifico Pando

Thriving in near-perfect conditions in Uruguay, Pando’s premium pasture-raised beef is juicy and tender, with a robust flavor that pairs perfectly with a variety of seasonings.

Mild Climate, Fertile Pastures

Founded in 1955, Frigorífico Pando has a long history of agricultural tradition. The farm is located less than 20 miles outside of Uruguay’s capital city, and their pasture-raised cattle thrive under near-perfect climate conditions while grazing on healthy, fertile grasses of ryegrass, clover and alfalfa. Uruguay has virtually no air pollution and is home to one of the largest reserves of clean water in the world, where there are no snow storms, earthquakes, hurricanes and freezing temperatures. This optimal environment provides a comfortable and peaceful way of living for the herds, so they develop healthy and strong naturally.

Cooked Sliced Flank Steak

Smooth & Buttery Finish

Most of the Frigorífico Pando herd is a mix of Angus and Hereford cattle genetics — hardy breeds that are known for producing tender, flavorful meat with great marbling. Cattle are regularly rotated on pasture to maintain the land (a sustainability effort that’s required by law), and are never given antibiotics or added hormones. They’re finished on a grain blend of corn, soy barley and wheat, which gives the meat a richer, buttery profile. Beef is aged in-house and trimmed to exacting standards, then blast frozen to preserve it in a state of superior freshness. This locks in quality in both flavor and texture, leaving with you a premium steak full of flavor and juiciness.