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VIDEO: Crowd Cow Craft Steak Unboxing


Get informed. Know the source. Eat better meat!

Crowd Cow sources meat from the country's best independent, family-run farms to offer the best pasture-raised, hormone-free, antibiotic-free beef, pork and chicken anywhere. We tell you EXACTLY where your meat comes from.

Pick the exact cuts you want from the farmer who produced them. It's 100% transparency you won't find anywhere else.

The healthiest and tastiest meat delivered to your door and our website is filled with recipes on how to grill or cook your favorite meat.


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Cooking A5 Wagyu tenderloin steaks is simple to do. Follow these step by step instructions and you'll be enjoying one of the most precious cuts of beef available. Our meat tastes great and feels great. Shop our holiday gifts and order some today: Don't forget to try tasting slices of these filet mignon style cuts with sel gris (salt), wasabi, and soy sauce.
This is the first time you can get A5 Wagyu Brisket in the USA. We’re super-excited to announce Kagoshima A5 Wagyu Brisket will be available only on Crowd Cow. How we did this? We went to Kagoshima, Japan. We met with the farmer who won the Wagyu Olympics (yep, that's a real thing!). We tasted A5 Wagyu brisket, along with other colossal A5 cuts, a...
The word "Wagyu" simply means "Japanese Cow". There are 4 breeds of cattle native to Japan and one of these -- the Kuroge Washu - is special, because its unique genetics allows it to produce a high degree of fine-grained marbling on the interior of the meat. When this breed is raised in Japan by expert producers, cared for and fed the highest quality grasses, inawara rice straw and other ingre...
In this video, Suzi from Gemini Connect shows you three different ideas on how to incorporate beef into your meals. From Suzi: “I was fortunate to get my beef from Crowd Cow, a company that lets you buy a cow with your friends. All beef is 100% grassfed and came from Roaring Springs Ranch in Oregon. Use this link to get 1 lb of free beef with your first order!

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