Discover the World of Craft Beef & Meats

Discover the World of Craft Beef & Meats


Choose your farm

Independent farms from around the country, each with a unique offering


Select your cuts

Your favorite cuts plus many you’ve never heard of, dry-aged and hormone-free



Individually wrapped, flash-frozen, and delivered to your doorstep

Steaks from $4.50 / serving

Beef, Chicken, Pork, and Salmon

Crowd Cow is your one-stop shop for craft meats sourced straight from the farm.

Pasture raised, no hormones

We choose to work with only the very best independent farms, run by families who’ve dedicated their lives to raising high-quality meat.

Fits in your fridge

If you have room in your fridge for a gallon of milk, you have room for Crowd Cow.

Exactly what you want, not a subscription

Buy the cuts and quantities you want, directly from a farm, with the ease of ordering online and delivery to your door.

Featured Offers


Rib Steak Share

Only 19 left

(Approximately 8 lbs) With exquisite marbling and tenderness, the Ribeye is possibly the best steak you can get. Grilling is the preferred method of cooking these gems. This share includes four 16oz Wagyu Rib Steaks, two 8oz Wagyu Sirloin Tip Steaks, and 3 lbs of premium Wagyu ground beef. Learn more


New York Steak Share

Only 11 left

(Approximately 6 lbs) The New York Strip is known by many names (Ambassador Steak, Kansas City strip, etc.), but the marbling and tenderness deliver one result: fantastic taste. This share includes four 12oz New York Strip Steaks, two 8oz Denver Steaks, and 2 lbs of premium ground beef. Learn more

Most Popular

Nice to Meat You Share

(Approximately 8.5 lbs) Perfect for steak holders who enjoy a variety of cuts and flavors, this share is a great way to explore the variety of awesome dry-aged flavors Crowd Cow has to offer. We’ve curated some of our favorite cuts so you can experience several delicious cuts, each with their own distinct taste and flavor profile. This share includes a 16oz Rib Steak, a 3 pound Rump Roast, three 8oz Sirloin Tip Steaks, 16oz of Stir Fry Beef, a... Learn more