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The Start of Autumns Harvest

The idea for Autumn’s Harvest Farm was born in 2001 when Tim and Sarah Haws went on their first date.

“It was on our first or second date, and Sarah was telling me how she always wanted to hatch chickens,” Tim explains. “She told me how she used to take eggs out of her family’s refrigerator and put them in a drawer.”

“So the next time we went on a date, I brought her six chicks. A few years later, we got married, and we knew we wanted to start a farm as soon as we got married. So we produced more chicks out of those first six, then we got some cows, and eventually we got pigs.”


100% Berkshire

Today, the pig herd at Autumn’s Harvest is 100% Berkshire, a heritage breed that the Haws decided to work with after much experimentation, because “they’re really friendly, and the meat quality is outstanding, with good marbling and slightly darker red color than normal.” The Haws’ approach to pig farming incorporates the best of animal welfare practices and land restoration strategies.


A Berkshire Diet

The pigs’ diet is a balance of pasture-based foraging (seeds, grasses, nuts, and bugs) and locally-sourced, locally-milled GMO-free feed. The Haws use A-frame huts to farrow the piglets in, which is door-less hut in the pasture that’s innovatively designed to let the sows give birth to piglets naturally, outdoors, while also minimizing risk that mom will accidentally lie down on her piglets. Thirty acres of shady forest on the property provide respite for the pigs as well as goats during the hot summers. The entire farm is certified as Animal Welfare Approved.


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