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Celebrate the end of summer with Crowd Cow

By Caitlin Postal - Steak, scotch, and the line where the sky meets the sea.

Crowd Cow works because we sell the whole cow. The End of Summer Event is the perfect way for you to help us do that while enjoying new cuts! With Labor Day on the horizon, now is the perfect time to get the best deals on craft meat for your end of summer grill-cation.

If you're still planning the perfect spread for your friends and family, be sure to add these cuts to your menu. Order today (August 25th) and you'll get the full spread in time to grill on Labor Day!

SHOP: 100% Grass-fed, Grass-finished craft beef

No hormones, no unnecessary antibiotics. Dry-aged beef.

Burgers and Hot Dogs

Not sure where to start? Burgers and hot dogs are the grilling guru's go-to masterpiece. You can't go wrong with our pasture-raised ground beef and burger patties. That goes double for Wagyu and Wagyu-Angus ground beef. And, for the first time, Crowd Cow has pasture-raised hot dogs from partners like Hutterian Farm and Long Story Farms.

Plate Ribs


If you're in the mood for a barbeque bonanza, look no further than ribs — Kalbi-style Ribs and Plate Ribs. Short Ribs are cut thin, ideal for a BBQ or smoker. Cook them long and slow for a rich and decadent eat-it-with-your-hands experience. We're showcasing ribs from farms like Hat Creek Ranch, Redger Farms, Novy Ranches, and Pacific Rogue Wagyu.



No need to worry about the missing link - we've got flavorful pork and chicken sausages to satisfy the rare guest who doesn't want beef (but seriously, who are you?). Better yet, save some for yourself and enjoy breakfast sausages all week. We've got Pasturebird, Deck Family Farm, Stryker Farm, and more.

Shoulder roast


On Labor Day, you've got all day. Slow cook your Roast at home on a smoker (we highly recommend Traeger or another offset smoker) to get a delicious roast that smells and tastes like a campfire. If you're a scotch drinker, pair with a 10 year Laphroaig or Lagavulin to complement that smoky flavor. Shoulder Roasts come from our partners at Pacific Rogue, Hutterian, and Hat Creek, while Chuck Roasts are from Wolfe Brothers, Cottonwood, and Autumn's Harvest.

Beef Kebabs


Cut down on prep with pre-trimmed beef, perfectly sized for kebabs. Just skewer, season, and grill for a savory plate the whole family will love. Not feeling like kebabs? Store it in your freezer and use it in a stew once the autumn weather rolls into town. Kebab Beef from partners like Harlow Cattle Company, Hat Creek, and Little Shasta.

Bavette steak


Try something unconventional with the Bavette Steak, a traditional bistro cut also known as a sirloin flap steak. Pull out your favorite marinades because this cut is meant for a good long marination before grilling. Bavettes from Hutterian, Pacific Rogue, and Long Story.

All these and more, available in Crowd Cow's End of Summer Event! Cook up a feast for Labor Day and show us your spread using #CrowdCow on social media! We love to see how you deal in deliciousness.

Shop the End of Summer Event

SHOP: 100% Grass-fed, Grass-finished craft beef

No hormones, no unnecessary antibiotics. Dry-aged beef.


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