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Two Brothers Return to Their Farming Roots

Kris and Tony Wolfe are the two brothers behind Wolfe Brothers Farms, a grass-fed, grain-finished cattle farm on the border of Pennsylvania and New York, near Wellsboro, PA. The Wolfes' philosophy about farming is the same as their philosophy about life:

"We simply say, 'Do unto others as you’d have them do to you.' It’s exactly the same with dirt and cows. We are blessed as we nurture and care for the land and animals that we are responsible for here on this Earth."

wolfe brothers

Farming Tradition

The farming tradition goes back seven generations in the Wolfe family, but Kris and Tony grew up with parents who had off-the-farm jobs, despite the fact that their parents -- Kris and Tony’s grandparents -- had lived on a farm their whole lives.
In 2002, Tony bought a combine and a tractor-trailer, never having driven either before. The two brothers agreed to help an elderly neighbor take care of his cornfields, and everything spiraled from there. In 2008, they bought their first dairy cows, and 2013 bought green beans, wheat, and beef cows.

wolfe kid on tractor

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