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The craft cuts and shares our customers can’t get enough of — direct from the farm.

Woman Owned & Operated

When Cory Carman was a young girl growing up on her family’s ranch in mountainous Wallawa County, Oregon, her grandmother taught her to ride horses and not think twice about a woman running a cattle farm. Today, Cory is the fourth generation of her family to raise cattle on their land, and she explains that it was only once she returned to Wallawa County — after spending four years at Stanford and several more on Capitol Hill — that she realized “just how amazing it is that our ranch has been passed down through women.”

From a Ranch to Capitol Hill and Back Again

After graduating from Stanford, with a public policy major, Cory headed off to DC to work on policy that would hopefully improve the food system. After a few years of "politics", she realized that if she really wanted to help improve food, she needed the real ranch experience her parents and grandmother had had before her. She headed back to Oregon, bent on building a new supply chain — “completely outside of feedlots.”

Carman Ranch

Raised in the shadow of Northeastern Oregon’s Blue Mountains, fourth-generation rancher Cory Carman’s beef is an Angus-Hereford cross with a robust, beefy flavor. Free from all chemicals, the beef from Carman Ranch benefits from rich, volcanic soil, which makes the meat taste — as Cory describes it — “complex and multi-layered.” You can find Carman beef at Portland chef Greg Higgins’s restaurants, and at Seattle chef Renee Erickson’s notable steakhouse Bateau.

How to Cook Corned Beef

Corned Beef is traditionally boiled to help tenderize the meat and draw out some of the excess salt used in the brining. Complete this classic St. Patrick's day meal with cabbage, carrots and potatoes flavored with the peppercorn spices of the beef.
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