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Brooklyn Roots

Brooklyn-based Acme Smoked Fish was founded in the early 1900s and has since earned the reputation of being one of the leading smokers in the country. Back when they started, smoking or pickling fish was the best way to extend the shelf life of a fresh catch, but as time went on, it became a Northeastern artisanal specialty — and Acme was at the forefront of it. Today, Acme continues to develop innovative products that match their traditional methods, always seeking to improve and expand upon best production practices while delivering some of the highest quality seafood on the market.

Acme Smoked Fish

Traditional and Refined

Acme, a fourth-generation family-owned company, uses classic smoking methods perfected over a century and a simple recipe with salt and natural hardwood, producing delicious seafood products with a silky-smooth texture, succulence and refined flavor. Treat yourself to a classic appetizer or brunch of lox, served with your favorite bagel and cream cheese, or grab it for a quick and refreshing lunch on the go. Their products are made for sharing, and great added to sandwiches, salads and light meals.

Environmental Commitment

Acme sources from both responsibly farmed Atlantic salmon and sustainably harvested wild salmon from suppliers that adhere to the strictest standards available (BAP, MSC, etc.). They’re committed to minimizing environmental impact in all parts of the supply chain — by recycling waste, reducing packaging sizes, using recyclable materials, limiting use of water and energy, supporting local and distant communities, and ultimately working very close with seafood suppliers to ensure that fishing practices are conducted in ways that help protect the ecosystem.

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