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Bite-Sized & Budget-Friendly

Paul Pizza’s Wild Gulf Shrimp offer a delicious, bite-size piece of protein with a firm texture and a sweet, clean taste. Small and snappy, this versatile kitchen staple also comes at a great price and is quick to cook — enjoy over a bowl of rice or your favorite pasta, or air fry them for popcorn shrimp! These all-natural White Shrimp are sustainably-caught in the Gulf of Mexico, close to the Texas and Louisiana coast, and are immediately frozen at sea to preserve the quality at peak freshness. Using brine freezers instead of putting the shrimp on ice means they remain in their purest state; they don’t shrink or denature in any way. Free of preservatives and sulfites, low in calories, and high in vitamins and minerals, this healthy choice is the perfect seafood option to always have ready in your freezer.

Raw Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp

Family-Owned for Over 125 Years

A fourth-generation family-owned business, Paul Piazza Shrimp has a long history in the shrimping business. They were founded in 1892 and established a shop in the New Orleans French Market — one of the oldest trading posts in the United States. After years of success, a tragedy hit in 2005: Hurricane Katrina. While the storm had devastating effects, Paul Piazza and shrimp took the opportunity to rebuild and reinvent themselves, holding onto their values but growing their base, fleets, sourcing relationships, product lines and production capacity. Today, they are one of the largest, vertically integrated shrimp suppliers in the U.S. and are committed to bringing customers some the best, sustainably-caught shrimp to every corner of the country.

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