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The Queen Crab

Caught in pots along the rocky bottom of the Bering Sea, Snow Crab has incredibly low bycatch with well-protected and managed stocks to ensure the sustainability of the species. Fishermen battle rough Alaskan waters to bring this delicacy to you (some are even featured on the Discovery Channel’s "Deadliest Catch"!). Also known as Opilio Crab, the shellfish favorite is a healthy and delicious choice to add to your diet — it’s considered a complete protein because it has all 9 amino acids, and is a great source of vitamin B-12. It also comes pre-cooked and has a thinner shell, so it’s easy to split open and enjoy immediately after heating through with hardly any prep work. Boil, grill, roast or steam this shellfish favorite and experience the sweet flavor and tender texture of the delicate meat with a little butter and lemon, or serve over a crisp salad for an elegant appetizer.

Snow Crab

A Storied Source

Our decadent snow crab is sourced from Seattle-based Trident Seafoods — a company with a storied history and founded on passion and grit. It starts in 1961 with Chuck Bundrant, a then 19-year old kid from Tennessee who traveled to Seattle and across Alaska in hopes of a salty aired adventure. He worked his way up from deckhand to captain, and quickly realized the inefficiencies in the crab industry. To save time, he wanted to process crab directly on the boat so crews could stay out longer and be ready to sell it immediately upon their return. With the help of two other like-minded crab fisherman, Chuck built the first-ever catcher processor boat — which featured crab cookers and freezing equipment onboard, revolutionizing the seafood industry and changing it for the better.

Trident Start

Founded & Grounded in Sustainability

Not long after, Chuck and his partners joined with San Juan Seafood to grow their blooming business — marking the beginning of Trident Seafoods. Fighting for Alaskan fisheries and protecting the source is paramount to their team: they consider it an investment in their future. By preserving the clean, pristine waters and abundance of sea life that call it home, they’re protecting the vitality of the independent fisherman and ensuring responsible stewardship of Alaskan seafood for generations to come.

Trident Seafood in Water


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