Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon

Bristol Bay, a global sockeye salmon leader, maintains 130 years of responsible management, securing success for salmon runs, fishing families, and communities.

A Taste of Legacy

Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon's wild flavor is a result of sustainable practices in the planet's leading sockeye provider. For over 130 years, the commitment to responsible fishery management has produced salmon rich in omega-3s, antioxidants, and vital nutrients. This flavorful legacy encapsulates the essence of Bristol Bay's dedication to taste and tradition, ensuring a culinary experience that reflects a century-long commitment to quality.

Transparent Harvesting Oasis

Bristol Bay's vast system of pristine rivers and snow-fed lakes forms an ideal habitat for sockeye salmon. Small boat fishermen, using drift and set gillnets with virtually zero bycatch, harvest salmon with meticulous care. From the point of harvest, where the fish are chilled, to the quick delivery to nearby processing plants, every step is visible, ensuring a sustainable seafood choice that you can trust. The transparency in the harvesting process reflects a commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible sourcing.

Small Boats, Big Hearts

In Bristol Bay, the heart of the fishery beats in small boats with big hearts. The size of fishing vessels is limited to a maximum of 32 feet, fostering a family-style fishery. This intentional limit prevents large corporations from monopolizing the harvest, ensuring economic opportunities for many. Generations of small boat fishermen, with a commitment rooted in tradition, sustainably hand-harvest salmon with care. The result is not just a thriving fishery but a close-knit community that values sustainability and shared responsibility.

Sustainable Salmon Symphony

Bristol Bay orchestrates a symphony of sustainability, setting records with a 2022 harvest of 78 million sockeye. The commitment to future health is evident in careful management, collaborative science, and strict regulations. Fishery biologists and managers work hand in hand to set escapement goals and harvest targets, ensuring a balance that supports the natural life cycle of salmon. This dedication makes Bristol Bay the world's largest sockeye salmon run. From the open ocean migration to the rivers and protected spawning beds, each step is monitored to guarantee a thriving salmon population for generations to come.

Wild Sockeye Salmon: Your Kitchen Ally

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Sake Poached Pan Seared Salmon

Combine the flavor infusion of poaching with the satisfying seared crust by marrying both techniques for a delectable sake salmon dish.

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Grilled Salmon with Elote Style Veggies

Grilled salmon with zesty corn and zucchini makes a perfect mid-summer meal. Enjoy it year-round using a grill pan indoors!

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