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A Farm Nearly as Old as America

The year was 1733 when the King of England gave the land grant that became Glenmary Farm. That makes Glenmary one of Virginia’s oldest farms -- and America’s, too. Tom Nixon and his wife Kimberly Horn are fifth-generation farmers and Virginians, and they knew as soon as they stepped foot on the rolling, forested hills just east of the Blue Ridge, that they wanted to keep the tradition going. Their children, Elizabeth and Robert, recently returned from college and are working with their parents to help raise highly marbled pasture-raised, grain-finished beef.

Protecting the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

Tom Nixon and his wife Kimberly raised their kids on Glenmary Farm, and they want to keep it sustainable for generations to come. Their land is in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, so they protect the streams on their property carefully to prevent pollution. Mainly that means pasturing cattle far enough away from creeks, but it also means ensuring their fields are highly absorbent and covered in well-established grasses, rather than bare and prone to runoff. They’ve protected their ecosystem well over the years, earning various clean water awards including the Pilgrim’s Pride Environmental Stewardship Award. All this care for the land makes for beef that’s tender, rich, and well-marbled.

A Presidential Steak

Farmer Tom Nixon got the surprise of a lifetime when he found out his steak was going to be served at the White House. Glenmary Farm beef had gone head-to-head with steaks at other farms to earn the presidential honor, and its high marbling, big ribeyes, and sheer force of deliciousness made it stand apart. Located an hour south of the U.S. Capitol, on rolling hills bordering the Rapidan River, Glenmary Farm raises cattle on pasture and a mix of homegrown grains like oats and rye, producing tender, rich, all-American beef.

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