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Humanely Raised for Better Beef

Missouri Prime is comprised of a network of family farms dedicated to producing high-quality beef with unbeatable flavor, tenderness and texture. Cattle are humanely raised and fed a 100% vegetarian diet, having access to both pasture and grain during the finishing period. Their farms have all earned GAP-4 (Global Animal Partnership) certification, which sets a high standard for animal welfare. The humane care directly translates to the quality of their beef — it boasts superior marbling, a smooth finish and a rich, buttery taste for an incredible steak eating experience.

Missouri Prime Farmer
Missouri Prime Beef

Social, Economic & Environmental Sustainability

Missouri Prime believes sustainability is a combination of social, economic and environmental impact and vitality. They know that the healthier the environment is, the more it produces. And that the more economically stable the farms are, the more they can put back into the land. This type of sustainability focus allows them to continue to grow and invest in the people who want to be a part of a new generation of agriculture.

Ecological Focus

Missouri Prime maintains millions of acres of rangeland and recognizes the symbiotic relationship of their herds, the wildlife and the grasses and soil beneath them. Their herds share the land with a large wildlife population that includes sage grouse, elk, bighorn sheep, jackrabbits, antelope, shrews, raptors, migrant birds, redband trout and more native species. They even have a full-time biologist on hand who studies and manages the wildlife populations as well as ensures the long term viability of their ranching operation.

Missouri Prime Birds


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