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Regenerative Certified

In addition to having American Grassfed Association certifications, Richards Ranch participates in the Savory Institutes “Land to Market” Program, a program aimed at helping customers verify what food is raised regeneratively. A key component of the program is the Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV), a soil and landscape assessment that tracks positive outcomes in biodiversity, soil health, and ecosystem function, and as of 2019 Richards Ranch is the only West Coast farm that has an Ecological Outcome Verification Certification.

“I now have the whole farm mapped to plan so I can track soil improvements, grass health, and cattle plans,” Carrie explained. “Documentation is key to a successful regenerative farming practice so future generations can continually improve upon the health of the land.”

Richards Ranch Farm

Better Soil, Better Grasses, Better Flavors

Healthier lands equate to healthier cattle. Healthier cattle makes for better-tasting and healthier meat. It’s that simple. Unlike your grocery store’s grass-finished beef, Richards Ranch’s grass-fed, grass-finished beef has a mild tone of earthiness with a more robust beefy flavor, and their burger patties have the uncanny ability to retain their juices much better than most ground beef. And this description doesn’t come from us - it comes from the long list of chefs and restaurants that source their beef from Richards Ranch: A16, Shake Shack, Moo Burger, Oeste, Precita Park Cafe, Chez Panisse, Piatti, and many more.

"I love working with Richards Ranch for several reasons. I know that every piece of meat that enters the restaurant from Richards Ranch, meets or exceeds our high standards." — Sebastian Miller, Executive Chef Piatti Danville


From Photographer to Regenerative Farmer

Above the Sacramento Valley fog and below the Sierra snow line, tucked away behind a lonely tree in the middle of open pasture, Carrie Richards peers through a digital camera. She pulls focus to sharpen the image of her Angus/Murray Grey cattle that graze among the sweeping grasses. Click.

Carrie took all the farm photos on this page with the creative eye she developed in her twenties, but it was her desire to eat healthier in her late twenties that led her to find her calling in life - running a 6,600 acre certified regenerative agriculture operation. Richards Ranch dates back to 1941, but it wasn’t until Carrie started selling her family’s grass-fed beef to her bookclub that her family considered evolving the farm into what it is today.

Carrie Richards


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