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Waverley Station

Jamie Roebuck | King Island, Tasmania

Waverley Station

When you fly through the Bass Strait just north of Tasmania, all you see are cows on grassy pastures. King Island is relatively big but sparsely populated, which makes it the perfect place for a beef mecca. Green grass, flat land, absolutely built for raising beef.

And that's where family-owned Waverley Station is. Not only is this the ideal place to raise beef, wildlife thrive on the island and Waverley's ranch. Pheasant, wallaby, turkeys — you name it, it’s there!

With lush grass, abundant rainfall, and a picture perfect microclimate, Waverley Station’s cattle thrive. Born on the northern tip of the island, the herd moves south as they grow and graze on succulent southern grasses. It’s start to finish at Waverly Station whose oceanic climate provides an ideal life for this Angus-Hereford herd.

The cattle are born on King Island and raised exclusively on mother’s milk and lush native grasses like rye and clover ― and the momma cows graze exclusively on grass too! This high-quality grass nourishment means happy cows and healthy beef.

Jamie Roebuck, manager of the King Island ranch, works tirelessly to create amazing clover paddocks while caring for the whole herd. Born and bred on King Island, Jamie’s keen eye and skilled hand produces high quality craft beef. His dedication to the craft is why the Crouch family trusts his nurturing hand (when he’s not fishing for elusive Blue Fin tuna in the neighboring Bass Strait).

Waverley’s deep respect of the environment and exceptional animal husbandry practices result in incredible taste. Tender and earthy, their beef lingers in your mouth with the refined flavor that accompanies true grass-finished craft beef. You’ll be reminiscing about the rich flavors from Waverley Station for days after.

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