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Western Plains

John and Angela Bruce, Iain & Jane Bruce | Stanley, Tasmania

About Western Plains

For more than 40 years, the Bruce family has raised grass-finished beef on a long stretch of peninsula in Northwest Tasmania. John and Angela Bruce, along with their veterinarian daughter Dr. Emma, son Lain, and his wife Jane, are firmly committed to land welfare and sustainability that produces all-natural and deliciously rich beef.

Nestled within the 1826 Royal Charter land grant to the Van Diemans Land Company, Western Plains has a longstanding history of fresh pastures and clean sea air. Known for the Circular Head or “Nut,” this peninsula preserves perennial grasses including ryegrass, fescue, and clovers.

But it isn’t just the lush green pastures alone that result in great-tasting beef. The volcanic soil and sandy loam create a fantastic microbial environment for natural grasses. The Bruce family pays special attention to how their cattle interacts with the land, rotationally grazing to ensure fresh pasture every few days.

From their Global Animal Partnership to their Greenham “Never Ever” and Certified Humane accreditations, it’s clear to see their commitment to smart animal welfare and careful land stewardship. This conscientious farm management means their family legacy can continue long into the future.

In addition to their animal care, the Bruce family recognizes the historic legacy surrounding Western Plains. Many of their current pastures were sown by convict labor prior to 1853. In 1982, the National Estate restored the historic house and outbuildings as a tourist destination for the general public.

When even Australia’s former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull visits, you know that’s fantastic craft beef. Full and natural, the mouthwatering taste of Western Plains beef is good enough for the Bruces, good enough for the Prime Minister, and good enough for Crowd Cow.

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