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Meal Planning Flexibility at its Finest

Truly Simple takes the stress and guesswork out of dinner, each hand-trimmed, 1” cut perfectly pre-portioned for optimal nutrition. Key nutritional callouts are printed right on the package (including protein and calories) to make mealtime healthier and easier. Enjoy rich, tender and nutritious 100% grass-fed beef in convenient, individual serving sizes — you’ll always know exactly how much to put on your plate, plus cooking instructions and recipes are included on every package for easy prep. From the elegant tenderloin to juicy ground beef for burgers, Truly Simple delivers great taste, nutrition and convenience in a satisfying portion size.

Truly Simple Tenderloin Steaks
Product Nutrition (Per 4 Ounces)
Filet Mignon 160 Calories, 24 g Protein, 0 g Carbs, 6 g Fat
Top Sirloin 150 Calories, 21 g Protein, 0 g Carbs, 6 g Fat
Flat Iron 150 Calories, 23 g Protein, 0 g Carbs, 6 g Fat
Sirloin Steak Tips 150 Calories, 21 g Protein, 0 g Carbs, 6 g Fat
Lean Ground Beef 230 Calories, 16 g Protein, 0 g Carbs, 16 g Fat

Free-Range, 100% Grass-Fed

Cattle of Truly Simple are raised entirely on open pastures and spend their lives roaming and grazing on natural grasses. Ranchers take great care to ensure their herds remain healthy and happy, and allow them to develop and mature slowly at their own pace — always without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics. This healthy living translates to the health and taste of the product — grass-fed beef is naturally leaner and high in B vitamins, zinc, iron and protein, plus has more omega-3 fatty acids than its grain-finished counterpart. With a rich, robust and mouth-watering flavor, Truly Simple demonstrates the greatness of grass-fed, from pasture to plate.

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