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What Makes Bedient Farms Beef So Special

Located in Potter, New York, Bedient Farms is owned and operated by Angela Bedient. A true one-woman show, Angela raises 200 cattle on over 650 acres in the Fingerlakes region. It’s the ideal setting to raise pasture-grazed cows whose calm lives result in tender beef.

The farm features a strict rotational grazing program that creates rich soil while extending the grazing season. Angela spends so much time caring for her herd that she can tell her cows apart simply by the way they look.

In order to raise happy, healthy cows year-round, Angela balances their pastured, grass-fed diet with corn silage to keep their energy levels high while fattening them up nicely. The unique blend results in delicious, beautifully marbled beef, free of unnecessary antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, and GMOs.

Angela and her family actually manage two farms, the finishing farm in New York and a calving farm closer to home in Virginia. What began as Angela's one-woman show in New York has expanded to include her husband, son, and the Virginia calving farm.

What is Grain-Finished Beef?

Grain-finished beef from our partnered farms is not the same as what comes from concentrated feedlot operations. We partner with farmers who care for their animals by letting them graze lush pastures for the vast majority of their lives before finishing on homegrown grains in friendly and humane conditions. We've met farmers who grow their own grain to feed their cattle, using artisanal ingredients like millet or apple pomace. Pasture-raised, grain-finished cows from small-scale, well-managed farms live healthy and enjoyable lives to create tasty, nutrient-laden beef.


Many customers prefer grain-finished beef for its marbling and tenderness. Grain-finished beef also tends to produce a milder steak flavor than grass-finished beef (which is dependent on seasonal grasses), though both, when done well, result in a fantastic steak. Crowd Cow’s pastured-raised, grain-finished beef is guilt-free grain that you can feel good about. If you know the name of the farmer, you can trust that they care for their cattle.

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