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Deep Appreciation for The Land

With roots dating back to families who bravely traveled the Oregon Trail, Country Natural Beef takes their heritage and deep love for the land seriously. Their focus remains purely on raising their cattle naturally, under open skies, on grass pastures and among Ponderosa Pine forests — always in comfortable, stress-free conditions. These values persist through each season, ensuring their lands regenerate season after season and for generations to come. Ranchers also turn their attention to neighbors where they source local grains and potatoes so they can finish their herds on the very best while continuing to support other ranchers.

Rooted in Family & Community

Country Natural Beef got its start in 1986 when some forward-thinking ranchers, Doc and Connie Hatfield, had an idea to pool together a network of local ranchers to raise natural beef for consumers. This idea would allow ranchers to remain economically viable while providing natural, sustainably raised beef to their community. Today, over thirty years later, Country Natural Beef is still 100% owned by family ranchers and still deeply rooted in the philosophy of sustainability for the ranchers, the cattle, the community and the environment.

Focused on Animal Compassion

The family-run ranches of Country Natural take immense pride in the care of their herds — each producer is third-party audited to the animal welfare standards set by Global Animal Partnership and meet qualifications for GAP Step 4, Pasture Raised. This certification is a reminder to all customers that Country Natural’s Step 4 cattle have 24/7 access to graze in pastures, moving only if seasonal conditions require it - resulting in peaceful, happy lives for the cattle.

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