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Get Fired Up
— Grilling Event —
Get Fired Up
Grilling greats from killer farms. Best prices of the year. Free shipping on $99+. Grilling greats from killer farms. Best prices of the year. Free shipping on $99+.

"These were the BEST burgers I've ever had. I was overjoyed! Great taste and texture!"
― Linda K., Plano, TX

Our Beef Is Going Places

Ground beef unlike anything you’ve ever experienced ― Shake Shack even put it on their menu! Dry aged, raised for steak, 100% single farm. To make it even easier to enjoy, we’ve made it into perfectly-portioned, grill-ready patties.

Two Heat Zone Technique

Steaks this good don’t need much, but you do want to cook them right. Setting up your grill for two levels of heat gives you more control and ensures an external crispy crust and a warm pink center. Fire up your grill, let the grates heat for 15 minutes, then sear your meat on the hottest part. Once you see those sexy grill marks, move the meat to a less hot area. Cook until your desired internal temp, let rest and enjoy.

Gloriously beefy, the ribeye’s inherently rich marbling results in a buttery round finish like none other. Look forward to carving into this meaty masterpiece with gusto.

Leaner than a ribeye, nearly as tender as a tenderloin, an elegant intersection of flavor, tenderness and leanness. First coined at New York’s Delmonico’s restaurant in 1827.

You’ve found grilling gold with our pastured steaks and ground beef raised by the best farmers in the biz.


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