Exploring the World of Craft Meat

What's written on the Olive Wagyu seal?

January 31st by Joe Heitzeberg • Read 1,553 times • 1 min read

Olive-fed Wagyu from Kagawa Prefecture is the world's rarest and most exquisite beef. Only 2200 cattle of the kuroge washyu breed are raised in Kagawa using the unique olive-based feed, and only a small fraction achieve the ratings necessary to officially qualify them as Olive Wagyu. It's certainly true that Kobe Beef is far more famous, but it's also true that it is far from "rare". Kobe Beef is backed by a quite mature industry association...

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How to make Shabu Shabu everyone will love

January 27th by Joe Heitzeberg • Read 1,454 times • 2 min read

Shabu Shabu is an easy, inexpensive and nutritious Japanese dish where beef is the star of the show. Long ago, as a homestay student living on a farm in Japan, my host parents used to take me to Shabu Shabu restaurants a lot. I loved the taste, but also how it brought everyone together around the table to cook. It's east to make Shabu Shabu at home (and everyone will love it), you just have to have the right ingredients and the right...

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Why all meat delivery services aren’t created equal — here’s how we do it​

January 20th by Joe Heitzeberg • Read 1,766 times • 3 min read

These days, you’ll find a few choices of online meat sellers, but only one that provides quality, variety and 100% direct access to the individual farms that raised the meat. Crowd Cow is a true, scaled alternative to the commodity meat regime that supplies everyone else ― and we do things better. Here’s how: The Highest Quality & Greatest Selection We've scoured the country for years, selecting only the very best independent and...

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How to Sous Vide A5 Wagyu (& Is That Even a Good Idea?)

January 15th by Joe Heitzeberg • Read 10,193 times • less than one min read

Wait... you can sous vide A5 Wagyu?! Yes, you can absolutely sous vide A5 Wagyu. Think sous vide will make the fat melt away... nope. It won’t. Is it a good idea? Well, when I traveled to Japan and ate my body weight in A5 Wagyu with former Alinea Executive Chef Mike Bagale, I asked him about it and he said that yes, he always sous vides A5 Wagyu. Here’s the procedure that he recommends: Sous vide at 58° Celcius (135° Fahrenheit) for 45-60...

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What Is Tajima Wagyu?

January 7th by Joe Heitzeberg • Read 4,472 times • 1 min read

When it comes to Wagyu, there's a lot of confusion and misinformation online. Luckily, through our extensive work directly with producers in Japan, and my background in Japanese language, we've learned a lot and have been able to bring some of the rarest and best Japanese Wagyu to the USA for the first time. Today's post is about a very detailed aspect of Japanese Wagyu, the bloodline known as Tajima (但馬). To explain what Tajima is, it is...

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Meet Crowd Cow Ambassador Taylor Crowther

January 1st by Faith Deutschle • Read 197 times • 1 min read

Taylor Crowther is a healthcare provider and fitness junkie. However, his proudest roles are husband and father. He is currently writing a book that debunks the nutrition, exercise and health myths with the use of science and evidence based studies. Why is it important for you to know where your food comes from? You may think you are eating healthy, but what you don't know is where your meat came from, how it was raised, and the drugs it was...

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Meet Crowd Cow Ambassador Jay Chang

January 1st by Faith Deutschle • Read 209 times • less than one min read

Jay is a culinary curator and Global story teller dining with top chefs #BehindTheKnife across the world. Why is it important for you to know where your food comes from? A truly "Farm to Table" dining experience rotates with seasons and what is best available from local farms. Ingredients are the building blocks of the meal and the right farm fresh meats and veggies can really make a difference. Who inspires you? I am inspired by chefs and...

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Meet Crowd Cow Ambassador Deborah de Corral

January 1st by Faith Deutschle • Read 216 times • less than one min read

Deborah is a singer, songwriter, and chef. As a proud Argentinian, her favorite thing is to gather people around a fire, open a few bottles of wine and grill the best beef she can get her hands on! She currently lives in Miami where she is about to open her first restaurant-- Tigre. Who inspires you? Chefs and artists who won't compromise their vision. What is your most memorable meal? Atelier Crenn,San Francisco (by Chef Dominique Crenn). It...

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Meet Crowd Cow Ambassador Jordan Devey

January 1st by Faith Deutschle • Read 155 times • 1 min read

Jordan Devey is an Offensive Lineman for the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL. If he's not at football or training you can find him in the kitchen whipping up something good! Why is it important for you to know where your food comes from? I was lucky to grow up with a dad who, through hunting and camping, taught me the importance of respecting the animal and the harvesting process. I will pass this on to my children. I know Crowd Cow sources its...

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Meet Crowd Cow Ambassador Fernando Ufret

January 1st by Faith Deutschle • Read 165 times • less than one min read

Fernando is a professional touring solo musician from Puerto Rico. His music knows no bounds and he has been found playing, Glacier Bay, AK to Scandinavia, covering music from Gipsy Kings to Queen. He also has over 20 million views and 80K subs on Youtube, and spends his free time exploring new takes on family recipes. Why is it important for you to know where your food comes from? My family used to own a farm with black and red Angus cattle....

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