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Flat Iron Steak

Flat Iron is a uniform rectangular cut, usually ¾ of an inch thick. It has a smooth surface with fine muscle strands that become visible once cooked. It is naturally surrounded by complex tendons and active muscle groups, giving it lean marbling with a soft texture. Ideal if cooked no further than a medium-well state (medium-high heat). With visible grains, the Flat Iron is easy for anyone to successfully cut their first steak. Also known as the Butler’s Steak in the United Kingdom or the Oyster Blade Steak in Australia and New Zealand.

Recipes for Flat Iron Steak

Anchovy-Dijon Dressed Frisée Salad with Flat Iron Steak

Just a small bit of anchovy goes a long way to make a tangy dressing for delicious flat iron steak.

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Sweet’n Soy Braised Beef

Simmer with baking spices for a hint of sweetness. Serve with boiled eggs and fresh rice.

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Grilled Flat Iron Steak With Wine Reduction

Relatively new to the scene, the flat iron steak is perfect for the grill.

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Flat Iron Steak With Orange-Rosemary Marinade

An overnight marinade infuses the flat iron steak with a citrus flavor that carries through with every bite.

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