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Tenderloin Steak

A favorite for steak lovers, the Tenderloin is a premium cut that represents the intersection of leanness, fat, flavor, texture, and body. The Tenderloin is a muscle sitting along the lower back, running from the short loin below the ribs to the sirloin. This cut is 2 in. wide, 4 in. long, and 1 in. thick in size. This steak is ideal when cooked to rare on the grill or skillet. The ‘tail’ end of the tenderloin also makes for an incredible Carpaccio. Other common names for the Tenderloin are Filet mignon, Chateaubriand steak, and beef Wellington.

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Wagyu Filet Mignon $40
from Ralston Land & Cattle (Gruver, TX)

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Wagyu Filet Mignon $40
from Ralston Land & Cattle (Gruver, TX)

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