Chuck Eye Steak

Chuck Eye Steak is a round cut from the shoulder and loin region, with the ‘eye’ cut from the fifth rib. Marbled like the Rib Steak, it is a valued, economical cut. The steak averages 2 in. wide, 4 in. long, and 1 in. thick in size. Though slightly tougher, the characteristics are similar to the Rib Steak and very easy to overcook. Best enjoyed rare.

Recipes for Chuck Eye Steak

Chili-Thyme Butter Chuck Eye Steaks

Give your chuck eye steaks a subtle kick with chili-spiced herb butter.

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Seared Chuck Eye Steaks With Beet Puree

Instead of mashed potatoes, this dish calls for a beet and parsnip puree to pair with medium-rare chuck eye steaks.

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