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Flank Primal is the abdominal muscle group located beneath the loin. This Primal doesn’t consist of any bones. Through extensive muscle contraction and expansion, the Flank is developed full in flavor. Flank benefits from some tenderizing, and is great with a marinade.

Flank Recipes

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Lettuce Wraps With Thai Salsa

Light with a kick of Thai chili peppers, these lettuce wraps make a zesty meal any time of the year. For those who like a kick, Thai chili peppers and cilantro. For those who prefer a milder salsa, substitute with a milder bell pepper.

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Flank Steak $12
0.8 lbs from Lil Ponderosa (Carlisle, PA)

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Wagyu Flank Steak $30
1 lbs from Tebben Ranches (Floresville , TX)