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Eye of Round Steak

About 1 inch to 1.5 inches in thickness per cut, the Eye of Round boasts its natural, circle-like appearance. Cut from the Round primal section, this beautiful cut is one of the leanest pieces of meat. Nestled in between the Top and Bottom Round cuts, the Eye of Round requires a similar approach in cooking techniques. Being a high activity cut, this steak prefers moist-heat cooking such as braises, stews, and sous-vide. If searing for a quick dinner, turn the heat down to cook it low and slow, turning it often.

Recipes for Eye of Round Steak

Flying Greens with Beef in Oyster Sauce
Flying Greens with Beef in Oyster Sauce

The legend of flying greens in Thailand involves shooting flames, smoking oil, and greens on fire. This recipe is not nearly as wild as that, but it still involves quick cooking over high heat--two of the basic principles of stir-frying.

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